Maja's favorite taper candles are now available at Found!

Colors are inspired by nature's natural hues and meant to be burned as a daily ritual or to commemorate a special occasion. Each candle is dipped 35 times for a superior depth of color, and pairs are joined by a braided cotton wick for the cleanest burn.

Crafted of a high grade paraffin, our tapers are made in the United States and are designed to burn drip-free at a rate of approximately 1 hour per inch.

Our dipped taper candles have a 7/8” standard base. Please note due to the dipped nature of our candles, there may be a slight variance in the width of the base.

Candles are made of paraffin wax and dipped over 35 times, giving them a rich hue. The wick is cotton, allowing for a cleaner burn. The candles are joined together by a braided wick and sold as a pair.

Dimensions: 18” and 12” tall standard.