Reinhard Goerner, Salle Labrouste IV(3/10)

Lightjet Digital C Print, framed

Dimensions: H 62.50” x W 50” x D 2”

Reinhard Görner is a German photographer, specialized in architecture, who currently lives and works in Berlin.

The pictures of the german photographer Reinhard Görner convey an intimacy, depth and mystery at the same time. With his large-format camera Görner orchestrates monumental rooms like sketches of characters. The beholder is invited to follow the photographer’s eye and he will be drawn into an inner space of essential tranquility.

The lightness in these pictures, the impression of depth and dimension are brought forth by a sophisticated and skilled application of photographic tools.

Reinhard Görner’s photographs not only capture the beauty of the rooms they show they will actually speak to the beholder by uncovering his own innate feeling for space and dimension. The cautiously drawn circular arcs and coffered ceilings of the architecture, framed by the edges of the image, invite the spectator to step into the space and follow his own imagination. From this perspective the individual character of each site reveals itself. The spectator is either invited to wander or he may give his eyes a rest dwelling on details. The impression of space is always part of the viewer's pleasure.

Görner’s photographs refer to the spatial vastness great architecture has been celebrating through history and brings to reminiscence architectural periods and places, when beauty and tranquility were identical.