Summerill & Bishop European linen line: Le Cirque.

This beautiful 100% linen tablecloth.

“Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for (drum roll…)

Leave reality behind…

It’s everything you ever want…

It’s everything you ever need…

And it’s here right in front of you”

Because we think getting your family around the table should be the greatest show on Earth, we bring you ‘Le Cirque’…our most whimsical design yet.

 Care Instructions:

Wash at up to 60 degrees on a regular cycle (avoid “eco” or longer cycles).
Never soak for longer than 10 minutes and avoid using Vanish and other whitening products.
Tumble dry at 70 degrees for a soft effect, and 90 degrees for a more crushed finish.
We don't recommend ironing the full cloth in order to keep the linen’s lovely crumpled texture intact, but we do like to iron the edges to give it a sharper edge.

Size Guide:

65" x 118" tablecloth will fit between six and eight people around the table

65" x 150" tablecloth will fit between eight and twelve people around the table.

Napkins 20" x 20" 

If interested in other colors, sizes or if we are out of stock, we can place a custom order for you. 

Please email for more information. Special orders generally run 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.