About the Artist

Jay Adams is a self-taught multi-disciplinary creative and former teacher from Richmond, California. His career in photography began in San Francisco on Valentine’s Day in 2010 and has been a love affair ever since. Although he began his career as a fashion and beauty photographer, the events of 2020 created an opportunity for him to shift his lens to fine art. His current work explores the intersections of art, fashion, and technology.

About the Work

The Gradient Exploration project presented an opportunity for Jay look at photography from a different perspective, exploring subjects and aspects of the medium he had yet to engage with during his career as a commercial fashion and beauty photographer. Each iteration of the project explores and highlights a unique combination of light and materials that lend to organic movement, creating one of a kind abstract pieces. By focusing on abstract imagery, Jay hopes to encourage conversation among viewers contemplating the work as he feels art should ultimately bring people together.

Gradient Exploration .02, 2021
Edition 1/1 18" x 27” Diptych
Archival framed digital print on archival paper with UV lamination Materials: cotton, water, glass, soap, oil