Created by Jean Roger in 1955, flamme in vert emeraude was re-edited in 2016 by François Roger. The foot, body and hat are hand turned on the wheel and the décor modeled. The green emerald color was developed by François Roger. This color since its creation became a reference. Ideal as a jewelry box or as a decorative piece.

Based in the center of Paris since 1971, right next to the “Place des Vosges”, the workshop has the charm of a traditional crafts place. With a view on the street, we can observe François Roger at work in his intimacy, starting from the early hours of the day.

Gifted with the precious sketchbooks of his elders, François Roger preserves the heritage of the studio, by creating the classics that led to the success of his grand-father and father, or by coming up with his own designs and colors.

Dimensions: Dia 9" x H 24.5"

Origin: France