These lampshades are handmade from a lovey company in the UK. the base color is Ivory and trimmed in blues, greens and ivory. The perfect shade for any of our lovely lamps 

Sold Separately 



Small: H 7.5 x T 5.25" x B 9.25"

Medium: H 8.75" x T 4.25 x B 9.75"

Large: H 9.25" x  T 7.25 x B 14"


H 10.25" x T 6.25" x B 18.25"


Medium: H 10" x T 15" x B 16"

Large: 11.25" x 1T 7" x  B 18" 

Large: D9.0" (top) x D16.0" (bottom) x H10.0" 
Extra Large: D10.0" (top) x D18.0" (bottom) x H12.0"