Beautiful soft pink cordial glasses with clear coupes.  

Portieux Vallérysthalis a French glass works company set up in 1707 at Troisfontaines (Lorraine). It is now part of the group "Les Jolies Céramiques"Vallérysthal is reputed for its crystal and opaline glassware.

Opaline glass is a decorative style of glass made in France from the 1800 to the 1890s, reaching its peak of popularity during the 1850s to 1860s.

Opaline glass is also a decorative style of glass made in France from 1800 to the 1890s, though it reached its peak of popularity during the reign of Napoleon III in the 1850s and 1860s. The glass is opaque or slightly translucent, and can appear either white or brightly colored in shades of green, blue, pink, black, lavender and yellow. The glass has a high lead content which defined it as "demi-crystal" or semi-crystal. The primary influences on this style of glass were 16th century Venetian milk glass, and English white glass produced in 18th century Bristol.

Dimension: Dia: 2"x H 4.5"

Origin: French

Circa: 1940s