Swedish modernist Hans-Agne Jakobsson created this iconic pendant in 1960s with cut brass canopy with blue colored silk fringe. Wonderful condition and its original, still in line with age to both the brass and the silk. Fringe is a timeless design statement, constructed to create warm, cosy lighting by means of the fringes that conceal the light source beautifully.

This exclusive pendant lamp will charm any room in the home with its soft light and graceful appearance.

The Fringe series pendant lamp are a simplified design with an eye for contrasts and exclusive materials. Solid, polished brass is combined with tactile fringes, which fall elegantly in several layers from the sophisticated brass border like a flowing skirt. It is a stunning, stylish detail that helped make the Fringe lamp a design icon. Unusual color and the original. Produced by Hans-Agne Jakobsson AB in Markaryd, Sweden.

Dimensions: H 66" (13" lamp only) x Dia 11" 

Origin: Sweden

Circa: 1960s

(2 available)