ONDREA VICKLUND Aurora, Wisconsin, 1978

Ondrea Vicklund grew up creating art in rural Northern Wisconsin and studied fine art and illustration formally at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She currently resides in Mill Valley, California. 

Her home in nature is evident in her plein air paintings, done alla prima with her portable gouache studio. She finds her locations by chasing the light of the day. Often a particular tree, valley, cliffside or tide break will call attention to itself and that’s where she sits to capture its fleeting spotlight.

Vicklund’s creative career began with painting on her mother’s walls and evolved professionally to gallery work, editorial illustration, digital concept art for video games, co-founding a wallpaper business, and back to painting on walls. Currently she works with Caroline Lizarraga as a decorative painter and escapes to the outdoors to capture the majesty of the Bay Area on canvas. 

Dimensions: 18" W x 15" H