Shatter-resistant, these FDA-approved food safe resin bowls are perfect for outdoor and poolside entertaining. 

Tina Frey draws inspiration from her travels, nature, and popsicles and jelly beans.

Tina Frey creates each piece in San Francisco, California by hand: from sculpting the clay mold to casting and lastly, sanding. Due to the handmade nature of the product there are slight variations in color from batch to batch.

BPA and lead-free, FDA-approved food safe


Small: D7" x H3"
Medium: D9.5" x H2.75"
Large: D12" x H3.25"
Extra Large:  D15.25" x H4.5"
Extra Extra Large: D22" x H4.74"
Extra Large Tray: D26" x H1.75"


Care instructions:
Avoid using sharp objects or knives on the piece.
Not microwaveable. Avoid using high heat.
Dishwasher safe.
Resin can become frosty after washing. This does not affect the quality of the product. However, if desired, rub a small drop of vegetable oil onto the piece with a soft cloth to restore its shine.