L 16" x W 12"

An interior designer turned artist, Deborah is passionate about painting. An abstract expressionist with a keen sense of color, she strives to paint shapes allowing the mind to fill in the blanks.
Painting daily for over 20 years, Deborah uses oils and paints deliberately and quickly to get the edited and unfinished look she loves.
Her style is loose, preferring to paint on large canvases allows her to stretch, be more animated and to show movement in her work. Starting a painting using a reference photo she has taken, she paints quickly using vivid color and blocking in just the basic shapes. Later the painting will be refined and edited. Typically there will be several paintings in the works at one time. Her palette is ever-changing and greatly influenced by nature and the seasons. Her inspiration comes from day to day living, a walk on the beach or a recent trip, her level of awareness allows her to always be contemplating a painting. Often up before dawn to start a new work or to change a painting that occurred to her nocturnal mind, constantly aiming to stretch and improve.
Always grateful for the ability to communicate through her work, she hopes one finds beauty and appreciation in her paintings.